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2023 Newsletters

Spring 2023

In addition to improvements in beam quality with fiber lasers, there has been considerable development in beam manipulation techniques for laser welding. This nugget reviews trepanning heads, wobble heads, and galvo heads

Summer 2023

Measurement of fillet weld leg to meet welding specificaiton is more complicated that it first appears. This nugget reviews nuances of such measurements and understanding of relevant nomenclature such as leg length, leg size, and effective leg size.

Fall 2023

Parallel Gap Resistance Welding is a unique resistance welding process where both electrodes approach the weld from the same side. This weld nugget review pros and cons of parallel gap welding.

Winter 2023

Residual stresses in welds is an important factor that is often overlooked. This nugget reviews different aspects of the weld that can affect residual stresses.