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2020 Newsletters

Spring 2020

Pursuit of Robustness: A robust welding/soldering/brazing process requires careful selection of materials, design, and equipment. This article discusses the importance of those three factors.

Summer 2020

Electrode Life Issues in Resistance Welding: Electrode life is an important factor in setting up an efficient process with minimal downtime. This newsletter discusses multiple factors that affect electrode life.

Fall 2020

Metallurgical Considerations In Selecting Filler Alloys: Selecting a suitable filler alloy requires evaluation of multiple metallurgical criteria in order to meet weld requirements. This newsletter discusses various aspects to be considered in the process

Winter 2020

Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) is a region adjacent to the weld nugget whose properties are affected by the welding heat. This nugget summarizes the essential aspects of the HAZ and their effect on weld performance.