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2019 Newsletters

Spring 2019

Discontinuities and Defects: A weld/solder/braze joint can have multiple discontinuities, not all of them necessarily lead to a defect. The document discusses ways and means to identify and differentiate between the two

Summer 2019

Solidification cracks form in welds due to a combination of impurity solubilities, phase segregation, and cooling stresses. The document discusses the cracking phenomenon in detail and gives suggestions for mitigation

Fall 2019

Nugget size is considered a measure of weld strength and is usually specified as a multiple of sheet thickness. The article discusses various ways of evaluating the ratio of weld diameter to sheet thickness

Winter 2019

Welding is a thermal process with rapid increase and decrease in temperatures which can result in unexpected changes in hardness in and around the weld. In this nugget, we discuss the phenomenon of precipitation hardening and the challenges it poses for weld analysis.